Thursday, November 3, 2011

How A Nation Functions

I found this comment by one Paul Tioxon on the naked capitalism website. It came in response to a discussion about proposals to organize a nationwide bank settlement to cover the mortgage mess. As I read this comment it struck me the author sums up quite nicely my own feelings about social disintegration in this country.

With each passing revelation, and the passing decades, in addition to economic de-industrialization, we are watching the commensurate, co-evolving of political de-NATIONALIZATION. What characterizes a nation state, since the modern form has been established since the mid 1600, especially the strongest formulation as seen in France and the UK, the strongly centralized national government, with an extensive bureaucracy to project and transmit uniform standards for citizens, to work, invest, travel, re-locate, move about socially and economically and have their decisions protected from unwarranted violent force, to create a lifetime capacity to plan and calculate decisions of an ordered existence, all of this is under attack and much of it has changed, with only the amount of critical mass of accumulated wealth as a guarantor of stability over an individual’s lifetime.

Denationalization in its most brazen and principle form, is the attack on the legitimacy of a democratically controlled republic to collect taxes from its citizenry. It is the same kiss of death of denying a company sales, not taxes upon profits, but the very right to conduct business at all by being able to collect the money for the price of your offerings. In America, as it is currently constituted, in order for business to operate, the forgotten part of the social order is that not every one can be the boss. Not everyone can be in business for him/herself. From the smallest to the largest enterprises, the need for labor, for people who are not the owners, the founders, the shareholders, the partners is required, especially for the largest of the large the Global 2000 the Fortune 500.

Somebody will be the one and only CEO, but millions more will be the employees. As long as the wealthiest understood that there is a minimum that must be distributed, as it was for a while, for most Americans, we could all lives of predictable security, and go off to work, knowing that our families were taken care of and even a fair amount of leisure was a common reward.

Not everyone can be a billionaire or millionaire, but everyone in a country as rich as this, can live a routine life free from the anxieties of want, NEEDLESS want placed upon an exploited citizenry. BUT NOT ANY MORE. The 2 class pay scale of the auto workers is the tell of the dual state that is being erected in the ashes of the de-nationalized America. The restructuring of the social relations is evidenced in the concentration of wealth into the hands of such a small group of people, it looks like a political process of take over guided by a 6 Sigma consultant. The de-legitimizing of the state, the political actors, bureaucrats, who were placed into their offices with voting consent of the populace at large, are attacked as decoupled lunatics that don’t know how to educate, put out a fire, stop crime, or spend money with any restraint what-so-ever. And these denunciations are EVEN given by billionaires from the studios and pages of their personal multi-billion dollar media holding outlets. The apparent conflict, arising from the handsomely rewarded attacking a system that made them so fabulously and incalculably powerful that tyranny is undermining their humanity, and diminishing them in their person-hood with each and every penny that they can not control, because they HAVE to give it against their will, to the government that is set up to allow them to amass wealth in the first place and will protect them in keeping it, is too much to bear without taking to the streets in protest.

The bank fraud is by passing the legal system, because it is a political barrier, that is a drag on profits and slows down the throughput of activity to a speed less than what high frequency trading Wall ST is accustomed. The laws and procedures and practices for documenting property for homeowners, on a local basis, is too fragmented for cost cutting high volume, low cost solution providers over the internet. So the problem to overcome with this barrier for capitalism is solved by obliterating it. In this case, the legal system of the state as pertains to property rights for the average flesh and blood human being is being jettisoned, is being de-nationalized so that the free market will provide the social order for our routines of behavior.

FOR THE FREE MARKET TO RULE, THE NATION MUST DIE. It’s institutions that provide for the learned behavior that we come to understand and grow to master in the course of our everyday lives is being replaced, common law with uniform commercial codes, political power from the ballot box with massive wealth and the guarantee of security within the territory that we live in, on the city, county, state or national level, is replaced with the raging, consuming maw of the market. Territorial boundaries, and the laws that govern them fall, to the flow of capital, sure, swift, in, out, here to day, gone after lunch. The nation state, the land that we live upon, the soil we walk upon, the real estate that we make our HOME-LIVES upon is being erased so that the market never has to slow down, so that capital can always flow and profits can always increase, no matter the damage to the society that they are extracted from.

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