Sunday, April 17, 2011

Federal Revenue

There is a myth in the US that has become conventional wisdom, that is to say a popularly spread lie. That corporations pay more than their fair share of taxes. Danette's political website, carries an interesting discussion on the National Priorities Project and revelations they report on where Federal Revenue comes from. If such pointed reporting were to make it to the mainstream press I wonder how many people would be astonished to learn the proportions between borrowing (53%), corporate taxes (7%) and individual taxes (40%) estate and assorted taxes make up a couple of percentage points between them. If such numbers were widely bandied about perhaps we could get the eleven largest corporations to pay some taxes at least instead of getting off Scott free as they currently do. And that is why these numbers will never appear in newspapers or on television.

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Danette said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! I was thinking about your new format at Conchscooter and had some thoughts, but I'll email them in the next few days.