Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iran, China and Russia

The United States' Foreign Policy never ceases to amaze me inasmuch as diplomatic behavior seems to have more in common with school yard grudges than with adult diplomacy. Decades after the war in Viet Nam was lost relations remain prickly. The Cuban Embargo highlights the utterly specious basis for American foreign policy where personality trumps national self interest. Iran is another case in point where a revolution decades ago has produced a prolonged and ineffectual deep freeze between the two countries. Arguably this lack of communication could trip Armageddon this summer.

Israel it seems is having some serious worries about the role of Iran in the Middle East and has been making noises about going to war with Hezbollah in the Lebanon, and then moving on to Hezbollah's patron, Iran. This attitude is nothing new as the Bush Administration was having seven different kinds of conniption fits with both players years ago. what may make this year's posturing a little different, and perhaps a little more intense, is how other putative world powers are squaring off.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran

China wants to trade oil for gasoline which would help Iran a great deal. Iran holds huge oil reserves but no refining capacity. If Iran sells oil to China and China sells refined product back Iran comes out a winner by a wide margin. meanwhile Russia is falling over backward to offer Iran nuclear technology. Whether or not it is as claimed, Iran's nuclear program is the pretext for the United States' next invasion.

A US invasion and occupation of Iran would offer numerous advantages for American imperial might: A bloody nose to China and Russia for "interfering" in US interests. An invasion would secure oil for western oil companies just as the Iraq war did. An invasion of Iran would put the US economy on a secure war footing which as far as I can see is the only way the United State's impossible debt burden can be eliminated.

One might be described as cynical for suggesting that war with Iran might be good for the economy but there are those who suggest President Roosevelt would never have been able to get the economy up and moving without the help of World War Two. And some scurrilous people have suggested the President allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to go ahead with his knowledge, in order to get the US into the war. Be that as it may, a war with Iran might be just the ticket to eliminate the impossible federal debt burden and give this country another chance. Iran would be flattened but that would be their problem. We would have access to oil, our debt would be paid off and the more I think about it, the better war with Iran sounds. I am, regretfully, too old to be drafted for any such conflict were it to arise.


Anonymous said...

I am liking this blog more and more. Why don't you have a column somewhere?

Danette said...

Fighting in a war in Iran wouldn't be much fun- leave that to the young and stupid. It's much more interesting to run it from here AND I think now is the perfect time for you to make your bid for an elected position of power and prestige to get the ball rolling. Since your Florida senate seat is coming up for grabs, it makes perfect sense that you take advantage of this Season of Discontent for All Washington Insiders and get your political career rolling. Then next stop "CONCHSCOOTER for PRESIDENT!!!" Then we'll see hopey changey. :)