Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guns And Fishes

There has been some debate in Florida about new fishing regulations that may limit certain fishing quotas and possibly end fishing for some species to allow stocks to increase. This proposal predictably has some people up in arms, others suggest that "voluntary restraints" might work, which one has to suppose would have already worked if they were going to. I am not an angler, a fact that I frequently feel the need to apologize for, owing to the fact that I live in one of the best angling areas of the country (I think). However the issue of permitting people to hunt for permit brings up another issue which is the question of our time: how much government regulation is too much? The way I see it government's purpose is to regulate, there is no other reason for government, but the obsessive fear of regulation permeates public discussion, or what passes for public debate in the US. Over the past thirty years the US hasn't done much other than to repeal "burdensome"government regulations and the end result was predictable enough. Total chaos ensued after President Clinton signed the repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act in 1999. The repeal tore down all barriers that prevented banks from operating as investment houses and ironically enough, when the crisis was threatening to bring down Goldman Sachs (Alleluia!) the investment bank asked to be allowed to call itself a commercial, common-or-garden bank to participate in government largesse. that infusion of our money saved Goldman Sachs which has gone on to award itself endless bonuses and pats on the back. A few more regulations and a little less largesse might have worked better for us all I think.

The nutters on the right have now started another wild rumor a propos fishing. It is said that Dear Leader may be about to abolish all fishing in the US and the sad thing is there are compulsive Obama-haters who believe this tripe. Apparently the wild rumor has a purpose: commercial fishermen want to get the more eco-conscious recreational fishermen on their side in opposing fishing restrictions. So they create an absurd wild rumor which might even work.

There are so many examples of opposition to government regulations you can take your pick. There is a constant refrain that regulations are wrecking the economy. It's time the left took up the opposite refrain and pointed out why regulations can actually be a good idea, such as the preservation of fish species that would otherwise be wiped out. Good governance is a good thing.Oh and by the way, does anyone remember all the scare mongering about how Dear Leader would take away everyone's guns? Yes that was another wild eyed rumor that worked a treat for gun shops. Such was the panic they have been unable to keep semi automatics or ammunition on the shelves to feed the demand. It isn't too cynical I dare say to suggest that someone always profits from these mad claims. Why am I surprised?

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Comrade Michael:

Fresh water anglers, of which I was a passionate one when my legs were better, have been dealing with regulations for years. The regulation of fishing for various species at different time of the year is only good sense. It was with great surprise that I was fishing off the beach on the Outer Banks, NC, some years back, caught my second Red Drum, along with a $125 fine from the fish and game department. I paid it cheerfully, thanking God I wasn't under arrest.

I have no problem advocating the conservation of species. And by the way, it's true that the Bowing Obama Inaxtion Figure's inauguration drove up personal gun sales, and magically, violent crime is in decline. Must be el nino huh?

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads