Monday, March 9, 2009

Paying Debt With Debt

With massive debt already accumulated and observers speculating how close to a Great Depression Two we are, it seems very odd that the official policy is to increase the debt load of this nation to spend our way out of a credit crisis. It pushes even a sceptic like me to imagine that there is a real chance that these crazy moves are deliberate and a conspiracy of sorts is in play. Why else would our leaders do that which is obviously not in our best interests? But it is in the banksters best interests apparently to take our money to pay themselves for screwing everything up.
I find the theft of public funds, the raids on the public treasury to be so blatant I can hardly believe it's really happening but there seems to be no denying it. when asked for an accounting of the disbursement of asset reief funds officials led by the Fed Chief have simply said: "No." weird but true. Now we find ourselves pledging trillions in public funds to supposedly spend our way out of this Depression that no wants to admit is an actual Depression. How we are supposed to solve our problems by making them worse isn't at all clear to me.
Unemployment is rampant,trust is on the skids and public funding is wiped out. So instead of allowing bankrupt businesses to go under we prop them up and allow their managers, the manufacturers of the implosion to stay on the job and award themselves outrageous pay and perks. And we aren't supposed to get upset? It's got to be obvious to the people at the top that the credit bonanza can only be cleared by clearing out the failures. Instead we prop up a zombie economy by wasting trillions more of public money. It's enough to make anyone into a conspiracy theorist.

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