Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fed

I have never been much for conspiracy theories and anti United Nations nutters, or One World Government theorists have never done much for me. For the longest time I wondered why people were so worked up about the Kennedy assassination until I met a researcher,a housewife really, called Mae Brussell who looked into that stuff and taught me the value of scepticism. She showed me also how post World War Two politicians actually made room for Nazis left over from the conflict. None of that stuff was ever mentioned in my "conventional" textbooks...
I remained sceptical of opponents of the Federal Reserve and proponents of the gold standard, both which sounded rather quaint to me.I wondered why people would spend so much time worrying about the Second Amendment and not enough about the strength of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments which struck me as equally important. I still wonder about that one and why the need for automatic weapons outweighs all other needs. I doubt even the most determined homeowner would e able to fight off the Tenth Mountain Division no matter how well armed.Besides I have my doubts that US military could be induced to kill US civilians, but I've been wrong on all other conspiracy theories so ...
I remain dubious about the One World Government and anti-United Nations theories but I have reluctantly come around to the Gold Standard Theory and I am getting positively freaked out about the Federal Reserve. Members of Congress have been asking the fed to explain it's latest proposals and getting stonewalled. The Fed is off on it's own planning to essentially print money and buy Treasury Bonds. $300 hundred billion worth of Treasuries.This inflationary proposal is designed to maintain the value of the bonds to induce foreigners to keep buying them. Foreigners would have to be fruit loops to support such crazy monetary policy and they are in fact starting to baulk. It must look weird and crazy to anyone who is thinking about it, to see the US Central Bank creating money out of thin air to buy up US Government debt.
Having said that there appears to be nothing to be done about this admission of imminent economic collapse. The bank support structure has done nothing to create a fresh start in the economy at large and we as a nation have poured all remaining wealth into the hands of the diabolical Fed and private corrupt bankers. The Obama administration is facilitating this massive transfer of wealth instead of stopping it and bankruptcy stares us in the face. And the fed keeps on keeping on, doing everything it can to reduce us to a peasant society.
Unemployment continues to rise, poverty stretches out further and further across the country and yet there is no resistance to this blatant theft. So what happens next? We go like lambs to the slaughter i suppose, well armed thanks to the Second Amendment, sceptical thanks to the likes of independent thinkers like Mae Brussell, but impoverished beyond measure thanks to the Fed. I guess that's one more conspiracy theory I am forced to swallow whole: the Fed is bad. I'm rather ashamed it took me so long to figure it out. Better late than never certainly does not apply in this case.

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The Traveler said...

Yes, the Fed is bad! Everyone seems to think that "Federal Reserve" means part of our federal government, but that is completely not the case. The Fed is a huge scam that started years ago, that our founding founding fathers were trying to protect us from... They are just printing money out of thin air and loaning it out to our government with interest, and none of it is backed by anything~! They are bunch of private bankers, sucking our country into debt for their own profit, and the IRS is also a scam that is illegal and completely unconstitutional. I agree with you 100% and actually found you from a comment you left on Ara's & Sprit's latest post. I really enjoy all that you have written here, and I'm also a complete Key West addict. I live in my van and have a page at .. I was recently down in Key West and already miss it. Keep speaking the truth here on your page, I am going to become a follower. It is true that the worst is yet to come. I personally am leaning more towards gold and silver instead of paper Federal Reserve Notes. Have you heard of the liberty dollar? -Sonja