Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bleak House

These are schizophrenic times for anyone paying attention to what is supposedly going on with the world's economy. On the one hand a person who wants to live in the modern world, and enjoy the conveniences and culture of an industrial life style doesn't want to acknowledge the imminent end to said life style. No one who likes the modern conveniences wants to step back into a cave just becaus esome banksters blew up the world. On the othe rhand said modern human is going to be forced to deal with the fact that world's economy is melting down and is likely to produce a major disruption to our comfortable way of life. what to do?
What I do is walk a tight rope. I take no joy in a survivalist lifestyle. If I did, I would have spent my money buying a ranchette in Idaho and equipping myself to live off the grid, a lifestylei find repugnant. I grew upon a farm and take no joy in remembering the slaughter of animals, the effort required to grow food and te dullness and repetitiveness of day-to-day living .I lived off the grid while out sailing and a very satisfying life it was too, but that was because I was on the road living off capital and not required to live the stres sof a workaday life. To have to hold down a job and maintain the systems needed to be off the grid would be Hell.
So nowdays as I go about my normal middle class life and I worry about the failure of that very grid to support me, I have to consider what steps I should take in the event of societal collapse, while at the same time going to the movies, eating out occasionally and commuting to work...I try to grow my own vegetables,I contemplate buying a weapon, I invest in gold bullion, fearing the worse for my currency. I keep a small stash of currency against a run on the banks, I ordered some freeze dried food against a failure of the delivery system down Highway One and I find myself unable to imagine a break down of daily life as we currently know it. what a brain teaser this situation is.
So on the one hadn we make plans, we fix up the car, we buy toilet paper. On the other we contemplate armageddon as a posisbility and wonder how our soft flabby yuppie asses will cope. I will look back in a year, I hope, and perhaps I won't feel too bad about the choices I made. That would be nice.

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